A trip to Mathura-Vrindavan Dham

Mathura- Vrindavan Dham are the most beautiful and important place of pilgrimage for devotees of Load Krishna. Load Krishna was born in Mathura and spent his childhood in Vrindavan Dham. A Mathura is a birth place of Loard Shri Krishna. The Krishna temple is situated in centre of Brij-bhoomi called ‘Shree Krishna Janma-Bhoomi’, also called as ‘Lord Krishna Birthplace’. There are over 5000 temples in Vrindavan Dham.

mathura - vrindavan dham

The way to reach Mathura-Vrindavan Dham, nearest railway track is ‘Mathura Junction’ approx 140 km from south-east of Delhi and 60 km from north-west of Agra.

I started my trip ‘Mathura-Vrindavan Dham’ from ‘Old Faridabad station’ with my 4 friends. I reached ‘Mathura Junction’ within 2 hours. I took a taxi from station to ‘Janma-Bhoomi’. Lord Krishna is the most famous person here. Everywhere in Mathura and Vrindavan Dham is wrapped in timeless devotion to load Krishna. Mathura-Vrindavan Dham


In Mathura-Vrindavan Dham,  every person spoken these words many times in a day “Radhe-Radhe”. These words gave them ‘Peace and energy’. Mathura-Vrindavan Dham

The phone /camera, bags and any unwanted items are not allowed in temple. Nearby an item depositor shop is avail so we put our bags and phone on shop. There is a charge to per item Rs.2 for one hour. I went inside of temple (Janma-Bhoomi). It is a very big temple filled with crowd. I feel relaxed when I entered in temple. I spent 1 hour in Janam- Bhoomi and saw all the beauty of this temple. Came outside and collect our phones and bags from shops and got ready for ‘Bankey Bihari temple’.


Bankey Bihari Temple (Mathura-Vrindavan Dham)

Mathura-Vrindavan Dham

From there I took a taxi to Vrindavan Dham. The Bankey Bihari temple is situated in Vrindavan, distance between Janam-Bhoomi to Bnakey Bihari temple is 13km. In Vrindavan, Bankey Bihari temple is the holiest and popular temples of Krishna in all over the world. The beauty of this temple is incomparable. The beauty of Radhe-Krishna statue I can’t explain in words. There is also a great crowd of devotees inside the temple to see the beauty of Radhe-Krishna temple.

The meaning of this temple ‘Bankey’ means bent in three places and ‘Bihari’ means supreme enjoyer. The idol of deity is black in colour is very attractive. After visit I took photographs with friends, outside the temple because the photography is prohibited inside the temple. I only spent 30 minutes there. After it we got ready for going ‘Prem Mandir’. The distance between Bankey Bihari temples to Prem Mandir is 3-4km and takes 10-15 minutes by Auto Riksha. (Mathura-Vrindavan Dham Trip)


Prem Mandir – the temple of divine Love (Mathura-Vrindavan Dham)

Mathura-Vrindavan Dham

As the name define the temple of love. It is dedicated to Radhe Krishna and Sita Ram. The beauty of this temple is display in at night around 7pm in summer or 5-6pm in winter because the lighting of this temple is shown its beauty and these lights visible in at night. Great place to clicks photographs. At night 7:30pm, in Prem Mandir we saw a fountain show; it was laid on January 2001. It is a combination of music and water. The water is dancing with the theme of music. In there a statue of Krishna that shows a Vrindavan Dham Mountain is situated in one finger of Krishna that is looking good. The Prem Mandir is situated on 54-acre site.


Giriraj ji Parikarma (Mathura-Vrindavan Dham Prikarma)

After visit we took a rest and dinner because after it we will go to start a ‘Girirajji Prikarma’ from Virndawan. So after taking rest we took a taxi and went the starting place of ‘Prikarma’ that was around 23km from the Prem Mandir.

We started Parikarma 10pm and stopped around 4pm bare-foot. This parikarma is divided into 2 parikarma we can say ‘one big (12km) and another small (9km)’ so the total is 21km pariakrma. Today is ekadasi/Karsi, so the devotees are come here in large amount. The way of Parikarma we saw a lot of temples and Kunds, one of the famous kund is Radha Kund (Love Lake).

mathura - vrindavan dham

After completing prikarma we went temple and do worship. After this I felling so much tired. So we decide go back home by taken private taxi rather than train.


Radhe- Radhe In Mathura-Vrindavan Dham

Thanks for reading over story or about Mathura-Vrindavan Dham and Parikarma.

Mathura-Vrindavan Dham

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