Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley-Hub of Tech Companies or Startups

Silicon Valley is manly famous for the density of peoples working on tech startups. It is a hub of all startups and it is not common to give up the normal career path and start a high-growth startup. In the Silicon Valley everyone is busy in their own world. Every time all the peoples looking for a new thing for startups. As per my guess if you go to any random places in Silicon Valley you will find 50% of peoples is talking about the start-ups, building about a start-ups, pitching their start-ups etc.

Silicon Valley

A Silicon Valley is located in the part of the U.S. State of California known as Northern California. The word ‘Silicon’ originally referred to the large number of silicon chip investor and manufactures in the region. The ‘Valley’ word refers to the Santa Clara Valley, where the region has traditionally been centered. It is the home of many key U.S. Corporations that specialize in advanced electronic and information technologies.

The nickname of this valley is San Francisco Bay area. If these was a single founder of silicon valley it was William Shockley, an English-born physicist who worked on early concepts of the transistor (Type of Memory Management System) at Bell Laboratories before the World War 2 and who went on to become the director of Bell’s Transistor physics research Group.
What is Startup?

Silicon Valley
Now many of the peoples thinking about; what is startup? Simplified meaning of Startup is “The action or process of setting something in motion”. For those peoples I want to tell something. Startup is the brightest idea, unique ideas in the country or the world. By the use of these ideas you can start your own business as well as part time or full time company.

One great startup will change your life completely. A statup is a company that is in the first stage of its operation. Starting a company it’s not a easy job. You have to give that full time attention until; properly your startup is running or in working. You need to arrange the capital (money), without it I don’t think something good is happened. If you don’t have enough money for starting your statup then I think you have two choices

  • First one is dropping your startup because without money nothing good thing will happens.
  • Second thing is find investor who invest own money on your startup. After that they wanted to some shares on your startup or any other deal that will happen between you and investor.

Silicon Valley


Since the early twentieth century this valley has been home to a vibrant, growing electronics industry. All the silicon based integrated circuit, microprocessor, microcomputer, parts of computer technology were developed and has been the electronic innovation for over four decades. This city is a huge collection of tech workers. In other words you can say that it is the city of technologies, hub of start-ups, new researches and much more. Here many of the peoples are crazy about the programming.

Here are some big companies in Silicon Valley Chegg, Cloudera, Box, Drobo, Evernote, IMVU, oDesk, Palantir, SurveyMonkey and much more.

The big companies start their Startups from Silicon Valley . 🙂

Thanks for Reading about the Hub of Startups valley i.e. Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley-Hub of Tech Companies or Startups

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