A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar, Mussoorie View

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar

Hello guys it’s time to travel “Mussoorie -The Queen of Hills”. It is situated in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan. The distance from New Delhi to Mussoorie is approx 300km.


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My Trip started from the Faridabad city with friends

The year 2016 I travelled Mussoorie with my friends it was just 3 days trip. The travel clock had completed full circle considering the reality that I had visited Mussoorie already with family and yet choosing the same destination with friends but the difference is that I planed 2 more places to visit i.e. Dehradun and Haridwar.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar at bus

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I travelled by private travel bus. The Bus was ready to depart Mussoorie from Faridabad. I sit in the bus and the bus departs at 11PM. It is a tourist bus. Now we were on the way to Mussoorie and enjoyed the journey as better as possible. In the bus we started a game of Antakshari and we divided peoples in the two teams one is Team A and another is Team B. After the game Team B won and I was in Team A. it was bad luck of me but game is game, someone will win or someone will lose.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar, antakshari


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Reached at Dehradun

At 4 AM we reached at a Restaurant to drink tea and had some snacks that is in somewhere on the way of Mussoorie. There weather was cool and we stayed there around 30 minutes.  Before we reached Mussoorie we went Dehradun (Doon) for few times. In the way of Dehradun the Hills were began to seen. Here we took a bath in “Sahastdhara” the water was so child and after bath we sit on nearby Dhaba (Hotel) to eat Breakfast and then ready to go to Mussoorie. It was 9:30AM around. Here you can see the monkeys that outing here and there.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar, Dehradun sahastdhara

Travelling around the hills between Dehradun to Mussoorie

After the lunch we go back to the bus and take own seat. The weather was cool and romantic. In the Between Dehradun to Mussoorie the roads are very narrow and turning point very near and sharp. The view from the bus looking delightful and felt like that I am very lucky to see this natural beauty of Hills.  After that finally we reached Mussooriethe Queen of Hills at 11PM.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar, MUssoorie view

At Mussoorie Hotel and planning for outing, Ghandhi gate

The hotel was pre-book by the travel head. It was 4 bedrooms Room for 4 peoples so all of my friends are with me in the room. The name of the hotel is Sun N Star. From hotel the view of mountains are looking fabulous see the image below. It is nearby the Ghandhi Gate in Mall Road, Mussoorie. We took some rest there after that we all are getting ready at 12Am to go. We didn’t waste too much time at hotel and decided to move towards tested best places to visit in Mussoorie.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar, Ghnadhi gate

Best Places to visit in Mussoorie:-

  • Kampty fall (Mussoorie)
  • Company Garden (Mussoorie)
  • Tibaten Temple (Mussoorie)
  • Santura Mata Temple
  • Gun Hill
  • Mall Road

These 5 places are we visited on same day. There are so many great places to visit but i visited only these places that i mentioned in this blog.

At Kampty Fall, Mussoorie

Firstly we go Kampty fall, here we again took a bath and enjoy too much the water are coming from the hills and directly fell down on the tub. The water was so cool.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar Kampty fall

At Tibetan temple, Mussoorie

After that we go Tibetan temple another name of this temple is “Mini-Tibet” and “Happy Valley”. It is very peaceful place. Here we click some good pictures and go back to the bus.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar, tibaten tample

At Santura Mata Temple, Mussoorie

After that we go Santura Mata Temple it is situated on the hills and the views from this temple are fabulous. It is also a best place for photography outside the temple.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar,Santura temple

At Company Garden, Mussoorie

After that we reached company Garden in the evening. Here we eat something and took rest because after this long trip we felt tired. This garden was too much good because here you can enjoy boating, gaming, riding, photography, eating and see the large amount of flowers.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar, Company Graden

After saw Kampty fall, Company Garden, Tibaten Temple and Santura Mata Temple we back to the Hotel. The reason is because the Mall road and Gun hill are close to the hotel.

At night in Mall Road, Mussoorie

So at the night we go to Mall Road another name is shopping Road, in mall road you can see or buy many classic items or branded product. It is the place where you spend your time with loved once. The best place for photography because the view from there is so much attractive. Here we eat ice cream. The weather was cool at night. Some Posing for camera and then we drove back to the next destination.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar, Mall Road

Back to the Hotel Sun n Star, Mussoorie

It was very travely day so we feel tired. Then we go back to the hotel and eat dinner and retired on the bed.

At Gun Hill in the Morning, Mussoorie

In the morning we go Gun Hills on foot because it was also close to hotel. From there we can see the 360 degree view of Himalayan ranges. I am very lucky that weather favouring us with nice sunshine and valley view looking attractive. Previews day we didn’t go Gun Hill because this is the place where we can see the grand view of Mussoorie Hills, at night we can’t see the beauty of this place so this is the reason why we didn’t go there at night.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar, Gun Hill

In the morning we saw the beauty of the hills and i can’t explain the beauty of this place. It was in the top of the hill from Mall road. After that we go back to the Restaurant and eat breakfast and go back to the rooms.

Preparing to go Haridawar the last destination of our trip

We packed our bags because it is the time to go Haridwar (The Gateway to God). At 10AM we sit on the bus and travelling to Haridwar. Here we reached at 2 PM. Haridwar is the first place down the mountains that welcomes the holy River Ganga. Here in “HAR KI Pauri” we took a bath in Ganga. As the name define ‘Hari’ means (God) and ‘Dwar’ means gateway. Hence haridwar means gateway to the God. All the tourists came here to take a bath or Holy dip into the Gangas.

A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar, Haridwar

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Back to home

After that we did some shopping here and buy some classic products and eat something and then go back to the bus at 4 PM. It was the last place of my travel story. We go back to our source place Faridabad at night 12 AM. Go back to the home.


A Short Trip to Mussoorie: Dehradun and Haridwar

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