Lansdowne: A rising weekend Gateway in Garhwal

Lansdowne or also called Lansdown is a small hill station in Garhwal range of Uttarakhand. It is a cantonment managed by Garhwal rifles of the Indian army. Lansdowne is known mainly for its clean and pure environment, peaceful surrounding and heart touching sceneries. Anyone can reach easily Lansdowne as it is well connected to Haridwar, Dehradun, and Delhi by Road network. It is worth visiting if You are looking for a small hill station to visit next weekend and you are near Delhi. this blog post will tell you how I and my friends spent the weekend there and got the most out of the place.

Getting Ready for the trip of Lansdowne 

I am very serious when it comes to travel. So, I started making plans to visit a hill station nearby when our sessional exams ended for a refreshment. Nitish was ready to join me with his roommate brother and our common friend Gaurav. We got our backpacks ready which was gets very easy when you have to just put a pair of shirts to fill in. I had already googled too much for the things we could do in Lansdowne in one day. We left for Ghaziabad railway station to catch the train at 7:00 PM. Nitish had already booked the tickets and till 9 o’clock we were already on the train. All the time got passed in just revising the plans for the next day.


Getting Ready for the trip of Lansdowne


The train got us to Najibabad railway station at 04:00 AM Sharp. we headed to Kotdwar after freshening up. Kotdwar is the gateway to Lansdowne and you have to pass the city before you enter border of Lansdowne. For all who don’t know and for no reason at all, Kotdwar is the hometown of Sanam re Star Urvashi Rautela. If you are a nature and mountain lover then Kotdwar-Lansdowne road will provide you enough material for your hunger to visit nature. The hills are so beautiful that we just wanted to get on foot and walk on the road till we reached Lansdowne. But we knew Lansdowne had much more to offer than it.


09:00 AM

we got in in the center of the city and we were ready to explore now. The first destination was Bhullalake. This lake is also maintained by Garhwal Rifles. It was a nice experience to visit the premises. The maintenance and cleanliness are worth a praise. The compound also owns a small zoo which is home to rabbits, swans, and parrots. You will find nature lovers and photographers with there DSLRs clicking pictures. There is an option for boating and you can enjoy it for a nominal charge.


The main center of attraction in Lansdowne is Tiffin Top point. Some people also call it Suicide point or Tip n Top point. It is the highest point of the city and You have to walk for about 30 minutes from the lake to get there. You will find St. Mary church on the walk. But since The church is open for prayers on Sunday only, we had to get past it by only seeing from outside. You will find it really thrilling to watch down the hill from that suicide point. we decided to sit on a bench nearby while watching the tourist enjoy. We got down to the town at 11:00 AM.


BheemPakora: A Pakora you can’t eat

There is a 4-5 kilometer forest trek from Lansdowne which leads you to a village from where you can catch vehicles going to Kotdwar. we decided to follow the trek. We headed towards the forest chatting about the experiences. A local was going the route. Nitish started talking to him about the place. He told us that the forest comes under the Rajaji National Park area. Sometimes the villagers have to face the clash with wildness. He also warned us that tigers have been spotted recently and they often come out from the core forest to villages in search of an easy meal. The pigs and goat of shepherds are easy to target and sometimes human clashes have been encountered also. That talk gave us an extra dose of adrenaline.


Lansdowne: A rising weekend Gateway in Garhwal


In the middle of the trek, There is a spot where few saucepan shaped rocks are kept over one another. Local people name it BheemPakora. It is the myth that Bheem the second elder son of Kunti in Mahabharata had kept these rocks on one another with his bare hands. And no one has power to even get these rocks displace by an inch. we also tried our luck. But it was not going to happen today. better luck next time for us! lol.

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We were now in a T spot where we had to choose the right path that would lead us to that village. There was a Resort house there. Gaurav asked for directions and the receptionist told us to go straight. But we misinterpreted this sign and headed in the wrong direction. Now after walking for next one hour on road, we were yet to realize that we were on the wrong path.

03:00 PM

It was about 3 o’clock and we were in the middle of nowhere. we could hear the sound of passing vehicles but It seemed like that was unreachable by road track. The place was a little bit scary too. as we could see the tree burnt down unusually. and we were regularly missing the walking track. Then suddenly Nitish spotted the main Road some hundred feet below the hill.

Now, All we had to do is find a way to get down the hill and catch the road. It took us another one hour to reach the road and believe me It was not an easy task getting down the terrain. It was slippery and one wrong step could get us injured. you would definitely not want this to happen in the dense forest.


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When we got down the road, after rough calculation and watching the sigh board, we realized we had walked about 30 km instead of a 5-kilometer trek. Luckily we found a bolero going towards Kotdwar. It was about 05:30 PM and were tired as hell. So, we got on the Bus for Delhi just when we reached Kotdwar. And in 5 hours or less we were resting in our beds.

So, It was our small weekend trip to Lansdowne. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Comment on what are your crazy memories of your trip gone wrong.


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