Dubai - Going Beyond Luxurious Vacations!

If you thought that Dubai is all about money, luxury and playthings for rich people, you couldn’t be more wrong. Dubai is chock full of unique and fun experiences you won’t find anywhere else! And we’re not talking more than just Dubai Helicopter Tours, by the way. Check out our list of unique experiences to enjoy in Dubai. Start everyday with something different!

  1. Let Only Your Tastebuds See

Yes – we actually said that – let only your tastebuds ‘see’, not ‘feel’. At Noire Restaurant, on Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, all your preconceived notions of gourmet dining will be eradicated. Here’s what will happen to all blasé diners who go there – total black pitchy darkness! Fabulous gourmet food is laid out on the table and you won’t be able to see a thing. Waiters hover around you wearing night vision goggles. They lead you to your table and then you have to rely on your senses to guide your fingers and your mouth. You’ll be flooded with a million new sensations and learn to experience food in a unique, concentrated manner.

Dubai - Going Beyond Luxurious Vacations!

  1. Ride The Xline

If you thoughtBug Bus Dubai was the only exciting way you could see Dubai, think again. Take off from the top of Burj Residences and zoom at fabulous speed all over Dubai, till you get to the Burj Lake. Then you’ll zoom across the Burj Lake, watching the fabulous Dubai Fountains below. The final landing will be on top of the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Xline was an invitee-only affair in before, but is now open to all. Become your social media pals’ envy and give the ultimate Dubai zipline a try today from Dubai Mall!  Get ready for the most exhilarating ride of your lives, and obtain a unique perspective of Dubai while zipping over it!

Dubai - Going Beyond Luxurious Vacations!

  1. Try Your Hand At Wall-running!

Have you seen those fabulously fit people running around across walls, in total defiance of the rules of gravity? Ever wondered if you could do it? Now you can. Learn how to be a wallrunner and do plenty of other gravity-defying cool tricks as well, at the wallrunning academy run by Bounce Middle East, Al Quoz, Dubai. You’ll be put through three hour-long classes, before you’re ready to run across walls. It’s just one instructor for two students, so you’ll have the instructor’s full attention. Get ready to run across walls just like they do in the movies!

Dubai - Going Beyond Luxurious Vacations!

  1. Want To Become A Survivor?

Don’t you just love Bear Grylls, that consummate survivalist? If you’ve ever watched his show Man vs. Wild and thought to yourself that you could do what he does too, here’s your chance. Join the Bear Grylls Survival Academy Course and learn how to survive in various territories. The course is hosted by Absolute Adventure in Dibba. For 24 hours, you’ll be learning everything from how to make fire from scratch, how to gut a fish, how to make a stretcher out of basic materials and how to deal with snakebites. After you pass the course, you’re qualified to begin surviving in the desert or forests of Dubai.

Dubai - Going Beyond Luxurious Vacations!

  1. Glow And Flow In The Dark!

This is so typically Dubai we don’t know what to tell you. Nowhere else will you find an urban yoga class that takes places in the pitch dark! We’re sure you’ve tried all sorts of yoga – on the beach, in heated rooms and even on hammocks! But try doing yoga in a dark room that is filled with black light, fluorescent glow sticks and fabulous music. All this comes to you courtesy of Urban Yoga’s Brittany Costa, who makes yoga fun. What’s more, you’ll be clad in the brightest fluorescent yoga clothes you can find, while you do the dynamic Strala Yoga exercises. Get ready to glow!

Dubai - Going Beyond Luxurious Vacations!

  1. Go Underwater Bike Riding!

Have you heard of Acquabiking? At first, you’ll have to learn to peddle a stationary bike with half your body submerged in a pool. The point is to be able to peddle despite the water’s resistance. While the water adds extra resistance to your workout, it’s still great fun because the water’s natural buoyancy makes the peddling easier. Once you’re become adept with the stationary bike and you can control your limbs, you can try biking fully underwater. This is not easy, so try the easier method first. The course is offered by L’Atelier Aquafitness at Al Wasl Road, Dubai.

Dubai - Going Beyond Luxurious Vacations!

  1. Whip Across Kite Beach On A Kiteboard!

Welcome to the UAE’s first official kiteboarding center, the Watercooled on Kite Beach! Join up, take some basic lessons and then whip across the seas on your kiteboard looking like some ferocious avenging Greek god. Kite boarding is the coolest water sport – you get to enjoy total speed, control and a feeling of the ultimate freedom. You can join the kiteboarding classes at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Jebel Ali.

Dubai - Going Beyond Luxurious Vacations!

  1. Have You Ever Visited The Dubai Coffee Museum?

How about a visit to the UAE’s largest repository of everything caffeine, the Dubai Coffee Museum? Nestled in the Al Fahidi Historical District, this coffee museum contains everything that any coffee aficionado will die for. How about coffee grinders made during the First World War using smelted bullets? How about ancient coffee brewing pots from Yemen, Egypt and Ethiopia? These and more are the amazing coffee-related artifacts that await you at the museum. If you’ve always loved coffee, you’ll simply pledge your life to it after a visit to the Dubai Coffee Museum. By the way, we know your tastebuds are tingling for a cup of Joe by now – so yes, the museum does offer some fabulous coffee, brewed using traditional Japanese siphon method. And yes, it is delicious.

Dubai Coffee Museum


There is no end to the interesting and sometimes astonishing things and activities that go on in Dubai. People tend to look at the glossy gold-filled shopping malls, the luxury hotels, spas and apartments and shake their heads in dismay. It’s all too rich for us! No way – Dubai is for everyone, and never mind the riches and luxury!

Dubai – Going Beyond Luxurious Vacations!

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