Do Not Travel Alone in these International Cities

The most of the traveler consider these to be the most dangerous destinations. So do not travel alone in these international cities. The world is flooded with full of joy or adventures and the world is magnificent place of wonder at every turn. When we are traveling, we learn something new about ourselves because of traveling is the birth place for many of good or bad experiences. These experiences are good for us. This is important for us because good experience learns how to enjoy and bad experience learns how to overcome it.
In the world there are some very dangerous locations that may not be as welcome to foreign travelers. The dangers go beyond petty taxi cab scams, pickpocket theft and armed gangs targeted travelers.


Do Not Travel Alone in these International Cities

As a result, visitor may be assaulted, attacked, injured in the name of terrorism, robbery or any other motives. The most of the visitor are not aware with those destinations for dangers. Few locations are more dangerous than others, especially for kind hearted peoples or those who like to go travel alone.
I think traveling alone is boring, so travel with a group of friends and family it is much better to traveling alone. It is provide safety as well as enjoyment.
Now I am going to tell you some dangerous places where you do not travel alone:-
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico City
Mexico is a popular destination for many travelers. Mexico problems with drug traffickers/illegal business are well known and Ciudad Juarez is one of the nations most violent cites right now. Mexico City also has a violent streak, including mugging, kidnapping and assault. At night, due to risk of gangs, It is advised for Women “Not to traveling alone in streets or not to utilize public transportation”.

Do Not Travel Alone in these International Cities
Rio de janeiro, Brazil
It is the most famous tourist destination in the world. Recently in 2016, The Olympics games are organized there i.e. also the main reason for it popularity. Rio is actually safer than it was a decade ago, but with the time street crimes are still common in many areas especially at night. The night are dangerous part for the visitor or most dangerous for travel alone. The best part of Brazil you can enjoy the resorts and beaches of this city, but common sense precaution should be taken.

Do Not Travel Alone in these International Cities

Cape Town, South Africa
The Cape Town is suffering from the extremely high rate of crime. The reason for this unrest is prevalence of poverty in this city. Although many tourists are drawn to south Africa because of its natural beauty and proximity. If you avoid the dangerous section in Cape Town, then at night, it is not good to travel alone.

Do Not Travel Alone in these International Cities


New Delhi, India

Delhi is the capital of India is the very popular place in the world. New Delhi attracts visitors on both business and pleasure. There are so many Best places to visit. However, New Delhi is discovering not only their international identity, but also the dangers that come with expensive growth.

Do Not Travel Alone in these International Cities
One of those dangers thing threats of sexual assault- especially to women. That is the main cause of ‘why not travel alone in New Delhi’. I want to tell something that does not travel alone especially for women encouraged to travel in groups. That provides you safety as well as enjoyment. The most of the international cities claim they have been sexually harassed or assaulted while traveling in New Delhi.


Note by the Author:- (Why Travel Alone)

In the world there are so many more places where you do not travel alone. But I only wrote 4 places where you do not travel alone. The reason for that I wrote only four places rather than more places. I suggest why Travel alone, traveling alone I think the most boring part in our life. Always travel with big gangs of friends or family. That will make your travel memorable or safer.

Thanks for reading  Keep traveling, safe traveling.:)

Do Not Travel Alone in these International Cities

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