Best Places to Visit in Japan

Best Places to Visit in Japan

It is the one of the best country in abroad. Japan is located nearby the China, Korea and Russia. The anthem of this city is “Kimigavo”. The unit of currency name is “Yen”. The two major religions in this city are Shinto and Buddhism. The peoples of Japan are generally called by Japanese. Sushi is one of the famous sweets in Japan. There are so many Sushi lovers are there.

The language of Japan written by the combination of four different writing method i.e. Kanji, Hieagana, Katakana and Romaji. Japanese is the official language of Japan. In the education system it is mandatory to have some ability to write or speak English.

Best Places to Visit in Japan
Beautiful view of Japan

It is a best place to visit in abroad. You can see the latest or best technology here. It is the inventor of Metro Train in India. This provide a technology or loan extend 5,479 Crore for metro rail projects. Delhi Metro project is a symbol of Indo-Japanese collaboration. After that Japan commits to Rs. 4456 Crore loan to the Ahmadabad Metro Rail projects.

It is situated off the eastern edge of the Asian continent. The total area of Japan is approx 380000 sq km. It is similar than the state of California. Japan principal island is Honshu on which are located the capital city of Tokyo. Japan capital city, Tokyo is located on the east coast of the island of Honshu.

Now I want to share some things that you should to do in Japan:-

Enjoy with Robots

In Japan you will find at many places and can watch them making Coffee via video screens in service station or automated vending machine. Robots work as a human being with efficiency. The creepy Telenoid is pretty much a torso. The disconcerting Ortonaroid is more perfect human-like and will chat with you quickly as human do. So we can say that here robots behave like a humen. Japan is flooded with full of technologies. Amazing thing is that these robots create a music band.

Best Places to Visit in Japan

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Visit Sanja Matsuri Temple

One of the oldest temple in japan. A big festival sponsored by Sensoji. A large number of people are available at the time of this festival. The Sanja Matsuri is a mikoshi festival that tends to be intense. This temple give you more peace and happiness.

Best Places to Visit in Japan

Enjoy ‘Sumo Summer Basho’

Want to see the action but in different style then visit here. In a year only three professional Sumo tournaments are done in Tokyo each year. That is the moment where you can see your favorite Sumo Wrestler.

Best Places to Visit in Japan

Baseball Game

Baseball is not just one of America favorite pastime; the Japanese are also passionate about it too. Huge fans following of this game so the stadium are full of fans or peoples. Very rare game in the world, few of the peoples are know about it. But it is interested game to see or play.

Best Places to Visit in Japan

Relax at an Onsen (Hot Spring)

Ooedo Onsen Monogatari is an onsen theme park where you can soak in one of their relaxing baths. Take some foot massage on a baths, get you fortune told. This is simple heaven if you are suffering from the tiredness.

Best Places to Visit in Japan

Manikaran in india also has a Hot Spring it is also gives us relaxation and best place to visit:) here is a link of Mani karan Hot Spring lake. Hot Spring in India

Thanks for reading, it is best place to visit in aboard or  technology purpose it is also a best place to visit. so guys must visit this place at least once in your life.


Best Places to Visit in Japan

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