Best Places to Visit in Italy

Hello guys it’s time to travel abroad in Italy. Italy is a beautiful place to visit in abroad tour. Here are a lot of things to make this country beautiful. This place is famous for food, fashion, olive oil, architecture, automobile industry, art and lots of things. It is the birthplace of Pizza. A delicious fast food that is popular worldwide. The population of Italy is 61 million. A nation that has 51 world heritage sites approved by UNESCO. Another name of this country is “Italia” and “Italian Republic”. The capital of this country is Rome and official language is “Italiana”. Located in Southern Europe, Italy is Boot (shoes) – Shaped country is one of the famous destinations for travel lover. Stunning beaches, huge and beautiful buildings, foods and many things make this place too good.

Best Places to Visit in Italy

Why Go and What to Do:

There are many reasons to go Italy. It is beautiful place to spend our holiday, honeymoon. Italy has long been a favourite honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Take a long walk with your loved once and see all the beautiful places. Take a boat ride to see the sights and sounds of the city with you partner one of the unspoiled islands nearby. The most romantic place for honeymooners is Harbour Island, Bahamas.

Best Places to Visit in Italy:-


Rome is the capital of Italy. In Rome you can feel the beauty of history. It was founded in 753 BC by Romulus. The Here you see the too much fountains, museums, monuments, heritage place to visit and much more. Modern Rome has approx 280 fountains and more than 900 churches. It is one of the best places for photography in Italy. When you are in Rome you can easily visit Saint Peter’s Square and the Vatican City.

Best Places to Visit in Italy



Nearby the lake it is one of the busiest urban cities in the country. This place is famous for the treasure trove, art, heritage sites energetic environment of shops. The famous food Italy originates from here such as pizza, spaghetti and permigiana.

Best Places to Visit in Italy


Florence is also famous for it’s another name that is Firenza. Florence is in the region of Tuscany. It is best place for revitalization architecture and fine art centres. Florence contains several tremendous museums with many popular paintings and sculptures.

Best Places to Visit in Italy


Verona is mainly famous for the story of Romeo and Juliet and another one is Roman Arena. It is the fourth most visited place in Italy and well worth a top on a northern Italy train travel route.

Best Places to Visit in Italy


It is the capital of Veneto region. The population of this city is approx 2, 70,000 (up to 2004). Venice is lies between the mouth of the Po and the Piave River. It was historically the capital of the Republic of Venice. This city is full of water; the buildings are situated between the water. Venice has been known as the “City of Water”, “City of Bridges”, “Floating City”, “City of Canals” and much more names of this beautiful waterish city.

Best Places to Visit in Italy
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Best places to Visit in Italy

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