Travel tips and Advice

Best 10 Important Travel tips and Advice you should really know

‘Travelling the World’ or ‘A World Tour’ is the only a common thing who loves outing around the world. Travel is full of pitfalls. One and only one wrong step and your vacation could be ruined by a seedy hotel, a wasted afternoon at a tourist-trap attraction or an overnight flight crammed in the middle seat, high rate of restaurant. These are some things that definitely spoiled your mood. So to prevent this we have to plane our schedule of travelling.

Now I am going to tell you some 10 Travel Tips and Advice

Pack less

Travel with fewer luggages I think is the best thing. No need to carry 3 or 4 and more bags. Your goal should be only carry one Hand bag. If you are carrying more bags then they will feel you tired while travelling. Take less and you will travel cheaper.

Travel tips and Advice


Leave the guidebook at home

Rather than taking your entire copy of guidebook, just carries the photocopy of the pages you need and discard after you used them. That gives you some extra space.

Travel tips and Advice



Always carry some important medicine or common medicine.  Some time some common thing occur during travel so carry medicine like some medina of fever, vomiting, pain, headache, digestion problem, eye drop or common medicine as you expected that may be happened.

Travel tips and Advice


Never wear high heels or flip flop (On a Plane)

I am in the habit of travelling on plane so I saw many times unlikely event of an emergency most of the females wear sandals on board an aircraft. After that makes a big cause of accident. It’s best to have a good set of sturdy shoes that will protect your feet as well as from heat or sharp object.

Travel tips and Advice

Choose your seat mate

If you get the chance of plane seat so as per my opinion always sit far from the babies, a group of friends, old age peoples. Always make you relaxed and choose your age-mate if possible that makes your travel better.

Travel tips and Advice

Pre-book your hotel

Tourist always wants a clean and comfort zone to rest after travelling, to get rid of all tiredness. It is most common travel tips and advice is pre-book your room on your destination. You can book you room by phone call or now a day’s online apps or websites are available to book your rooms.


Internet is very beneficial while travelling because if you are in trouble either on the way, destination. By the use of internet you can easily find out the right or short way to reach the destination or find nearest rooms or any other thing.

Use body language

If you are in any other country and you have less knowledge about the language of the country. So you have to explain our words by using body language or sign language to explain, what you want to say.

Travel tips and Advice

Carry extra money

Not much more but carry some extra money or store extra money any other place other than all money. This will help you when you are in trouble. Today’s cards are available to anyone so no need to carry heavy amount. Only carry ATM card.

Travel tips and Advice

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is best travel tips and advice. You are planning to go somewhere then insure your travel by get travel insurance policy. It is safe for you and your loveable family.


Make your travel safe and memorable. By using these some important travel tips and advice make your travel cheaper and full of fun. So forget your fear and enjoy the life as much good as possible while travelling the world.

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Best 10 Important Travel tips and Advice you should really know

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